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Must go spot in Ehime prefecture. Enjoy the world of "Spirited Away" in "DOGO ONSEN HONKAN", one of the three oldest hot spring in Japan!

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Appearance of DOGO ONSEN HONKAN building
If you come to Matsuyama city of Ehime, you can't miss Dogo onsen.

Together with "Arima onsen" in Hyogo and "Shirahama onsen" in Wakayama, "Dogo onsen" is the oldest hot spring in Japan, which preserves old traditional buildings designated as Important Cultural Asset. There is an old legend that Prince Shotoku (in the 6th century AD) visited this hot spring and cured the illness.

When you get off at Matsuyama station, take tram to Dogo. If you are lucky, you may have chance to ride on Bocchan tram. See mechanical clock, soak your feet in hot spring, look around souvenirs in the shopping street and check local beers to taste later, now it's time to go to "DOGO ONSEN HONKAN".

You may feel as if you had been here before..., such a nostalgic time is waiting for you.

Article of "DOGO ONSEN HONKAN" in Ehime prefecture - Contents -

1,What is the charm of "DOGO ONSEN HONKAN" in Ehime prefecture?
2, Quality of spring water in DOGO ONSEN HONKAN
3, Basic information of DOGO ONSEN HONKAN
4, DOGO ONSEN HONKAN seen by Google Street View

1,What is the charm of "DOGO ONSEN HONKAN" in Ehime prefecture?


Here are the charms of DOGO ONSEN, one of the oldest hot springs in Japan.


There are several baths and rest rooms in DOGO ONSEN HONKAN, and available bath and restroom are categorized depending on the fee.



・Kaminoyu (Hot spring of the God)
・Tamanoyu (Hot spring of the Spirit)

【Rest rooms】※Fees vary.

・Kaminoyu 2nd floor: Kaminoyu rest room

・Tamanoyu 2nd floor: Tamanoyu rest room

・Tamanoyu 3rd floor: Tamanoyu private restroom

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Quote: instagram/nyaocooさん

Characteristics of "DOGO ONSEN HONKAN" which is the model of an animation film "Spirited Away"

If you step up old but well preserved creaking wooden steps, the structure is intricated which may take you to the world of Miyazaki Hayao. It is said that the model buildings of the film"Spirited Away" in Japanwere "Sekizenkan" in Gunma prefecture andthis "DOGO ONSEN". The lady who brings tea on the top floor may change into Yubaba. This atmospheric building provokes such an imagination.

There is a time limit, and you are supposed to enter Kaminoyu and Tamanoyu in 80 minutes. Please pay attention.

Spring hot water of DOGO ONSEN HONKAN

Quote: DOGO ONSEN official site/

The photo is "Kaminoyu".

The material used for DOGO ONSEN HONKAN bath is smooth granite stone. Despite the cool surface of the stone, a plenty of hot water is flowing into the bath. It is very comfortable hot spring facility. The simple alkalic spring which flows always is moisturising and tender touch to skin.

But they have begun to put chlorine to the water according to the municipal administration regulation recently. It is doubtful if it is necessary also to flowing hot spring, and I would feel a little pity that I can not enjoy the original hot water. Except for the chlorine, the hot water and the building are good enough to enjoy the atmosphere.


At 6am, drum sound echos throughout the building. With the drum beating, morning bath begins. The guests, who came to the hotel for the first bath in the morning, are making line before that. The morning bath is refreshing and comfortable, and night time with mysterious lighting inside is also good. Please enjoy both in the morning and the night.

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Quote: instagram/ryo.t_さん

The photo is the building with lighting.

On the 3rd floor, there is "Bocchan no ma (a room of Bocchan, a traditional masterpiece written by Natsume Soseki), and goods related to the writer are exhibited for free for any visitor.
After enjoying DOGO ONSEN, standard souvenir is ""Bocchan balls" and "Ichiroku tart".

Ashiyu in front of DOGO ONSEN station

The photo of Ashiyu (hot spring for feet rest) in front of DOGO ONSEN station.

This ashiyu is good place to cure your tired legs and feet.

2, Quality of spring water of DOGO ONSEN HONKAN

The spring hot water in DOGO ONSEN HONKAN is ever flowing alkalic simple spring, which is moisturising and soft touch. You will feel smooth skin after the bath.

Quality of spring water: Alkalic simple spring

Temperature: Unknown

3, Basic information of DOGO ONSEN HONKAN

Appearance of DOGO ONSEN HONKAN building

Name: DOGO ONSEN HONKAN (Main house of Dogo hot spring)
Name in English: DOGO ONSEN HONKAN
Postal code: 790-0842
Address: Dogo Yunomachi 6-8, Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture
Tel: 089-943-8342
Closed: No closed day
※There is a closed day for cleaning once in a year at the end of the year.

・Kaminoyu 2nd floor、Tamanoyu 2nd floor、Tamanoyu 3rd floor, private room


・Kaminoyu ground floor



・Kaminoyu ground floor/Adult 410 yen, Child 160 yen
・Kaminoyu 2nd floor/Adult 840 yen, Child 420 yen
・Tamanoyu2nd floor/Adult 1250 yen、Child 620 yen
・Tamanoyu3rd floor, private room/Adult 1550 yen, Child 770 yen

Parking: No parking. ※City parking is available with charge.
Official site:

4, DOGO ONSEN HONKAN seen by Google Street View

Please see DOGO ONSEN building and the neighborhood by Google Street View.

5, Access to "DOGO ONSEN" in Ehime

Postal code: 790-0842
Address: Dogo Yunomachi 6-8, Matsuyama city, Ehime
Tel: 089-943-8342


From any direction, change trains at "Okayama" station, and take Super Express Shiokaze, and get off at "Matsuyama" station.
From Matsuyama, take Iyo railway Jonan line (tram) and get off at "DOGO ONSEN".

Time schedule of Bocchan train


Take Takamatsu highway until "Kawanoe"JCT, from Matsuyama highway get off at "Matsuyama" IC, and approx. 20 minutes drive to DOGO ONSEN.

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