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First in Japan! Experience "Mud of Dead Sea, Salt Sauna" using the mud from the famous Dead Sea, where bodies float!

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Dead Sea in Israel
I would like to introduce an interesting sauna, first in Japan, which is located in Wakayama prefecture of Kansai.
Have you ever heard of "Dead Sea", which is famous for floating body?

Dead Sea in Israel

It is a lake located in the lowest height of the world between Israel and Jordan of the Middle East.
Dead Sea is not sea, but a lake. Its characteristic is of course, the density of salt in the water, so that human body floats on the surface.

But there is another famous thing besides this.
It's so called "sacred place for esthetics" of Dead Sea, where many tourist visit from all over the world.
The secret of the "sacred place for aesthetics" is the mud of Dead Sea. And there is a sauna in a super public bath using the Dead Sea mud in Wakayama prefecture of Kansai.

It is said that this is the first in Japan!
It's called "First in Japan! Mud of Dead Sea・Salt Sauna".

Ladies, please pay attention to the information!
Check "Mud of Dead Sea・Salt Sauna" info!

Contents of the article

1, What is "Mud of Dead Sea・Salt Sauna" using mud of Dead Sea where human body floats?
2, Shop information of Yubath Wakayama
3, Access to Yubath Wakayama

1, What is "Mud of Dead Sea・Salt Sauna" using mud of Dead Sea where human body floats?

Dead Sea Mud ・Salt Sauna in Yubath Wakayama

Dead Sea Mud in Yubath Wakayama

Quote: Yubath Wakayama/

The photo above is the mud of "Dead Sea Mud Sauna". This "Dead Sea Mud ・Salt Sauna" is open for men and women.

The Dead Sea mud contains dense salt and natural minerals, so it is used for mud aesthetics.
As Dead Sea is not easy to go, if you live in Kansai area, it is nice to go to "Dead Sea Mud ・Salt Sauna" in Yubath Wakayama and your skin becomes smooth. Good news for ladies!
Recently, also many men are interested in skin care, and of course men are welcome.

Dead Sea Mud Salt Sauna is available only in Wakayama. It is recommended for the people in Wakayama, Osaka or Kansai area. If you have chance to visit Wakayama for one day trip, it is a good idea to stay in a hot spring there!

Please plan your next weekend referring to this information.

2, Shop information of Yubath Wakayama

Appearance of Yubath Wakayama

Shop information of Yubath Wakayama in Yunabi official site

Fore details of Yubath Wakayama, please visit official site of Yunabi.

Basic information of Yubath Wakayama

Name: Yubath Wakayama
Prefecture: Wakayama
Postal code: 640-8404
Address: Minato 20, Wakayama city, Wakayama
Tel: 073-426-2641
Closed: No closed day
Hours: 6:00~night 3:00 ※Reception is open untul night 2:00

Only bathing fee
Adult 830 yen
Child 420 yen
Infant 310 yen

Other information

Hot spring: Natural hot spring
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Credit card: not accepted
Parking: yes
Official homepage:

3, Access to Yubath Wakayama

Transportation (train):

From Osaka direction
Get off at "Wakayama-shi" station of Nankai line, take taxi from the station or take Nankai bus and get off at "Kaobashi".
10~15 minutes from JR Wakayama station

Transportation (car):

From Osaka direction
The nearest IC/Hanwa hightway get out at "Wakayama IC" and then 20 minutes drive

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