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【Summer diet special feature】 Try "High temperature repeating bathing" which is possible at home!

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High temperature and repeating bathing diet which you can try at home
Hello, everyone! I am "Yumon", an official character of Yunabi!

This time, I want to talk about that theme which you must be curious about in my "Yumon murmuring".

Hot Summer has come together with July, and now we are in the middle of Summer!
There are so many attractions like "sea, swimming pool, festivals, delicious gourmet, ice cream, beer..."!

In this very season, we have something to try hard. Yes,that's "Diet", I guess some of you may be interested in.

This season in many places where we go, such as super public bath it one day spa, you need to be naked. And in the sea or swimming pool, you wear swimming suite. Summer is a season of light and short clothes, which make us conscious of our bodies.

For those who say:
"I worry about my weight!";
"I want to wear stylish clothes!";
"I wanna be good looking and attract many girls!";
"Don't wanna hide my body with many ways anymore!" :),
I will feature the recommended subject, "Summer diet"!

Ranging from easy diet that you can try in your bath, I will introduce very useful information several times!
Please check out the methods and see why bathing is said to be effective for diet.

this article's contents

1. Why bathing is effective for diet?
2, You can do it at home! Effective calorie consumption "high temperature repeating bathing" method
3, Some notes for "high temperature repeating bathing"

1, Why bathing is effective for diet?

Cooling down after the bath

If you bath in proper method, bathing is effective for diet! The three results are expected after proper bathing.

1, Blood circulation promotion

If the blood circulation becomes better, the following typical problems among women will improve!

●Feeling always cold

You may have those problems, perhaps?
If you bath in proper way, your blood circulation becomes better, those problems will be solved and that's good for diet. So many good things!

2. Detox effect

Let's sweat from inside of your body and excrete body waste! If the waste is excreted from your body, your inner body is clean and more likely to lose the weight for diet! Of course detox is important to keep your health. Detox is effective for comfortable sleep and wake up everyday and your life becomes healthier.

3, Relax effect

In our current life we suffer from "stress" trouble! Stress is also a strong enemy against diet.

Having bath in proper method leads relax effect and stress decrease. Good diet requires peace mind.

As we have seen, in addition to the three effects, having bath has various positive results! "Blood circulation promotion", "detox effect" and "relax effect" are closely related to diet. Plus, proper "water pressure" and "temperature" lead "calorie consumption" and diet!

It's good news that everyday comfortable bathing is a key to effective and simple diet method at home!
Please bear in your mind proper method of bathing.

Now, let's look at "high temperature and repeating bath" method which is effective to calorie consumption and possible even at home.

You can do it at home! Effective calorie consumption "high temperature repeating bathing" method

high temperature and repeating bathing

Here we explain about "high temperature and repeating bathing", a good bathing method which you can do at home. Please check it out!

"High temperature and repeating bathing method"

(1) Warm up your body with shower and get used to the temperature
(2) Soak in bath tub. The water is 42 degrees celsius and up to your shoulder. Stay there in 3 minutes.
(3) After 3 minutes get out of the tub and take a rest for 5 minutes.
(4) Repeat the process of above (2) to (3) for 2 or 3 times. And that's it.
(5) Before bathing drink enough water.
(6) Have time to cool down your body

Useful advice!
After the process (3), if you can wash the hair and body, the bathing can be more effective!

This flow is "high temperature and repeating bathing" method. The point is "soak in high temperature water for short time" and "take a rest for a while".

If you arrange only the water temperature and bathing method, you can do it easily at home! Please try it.

* Please note: Effect of high temperature and repeating bathing may vary according to individual health condition, body constitution and eating circumstances. It does not guarantee the same effect to everyone.

3, Important notices to "high temperature and repeating bathing"

"High temperature and repeating bathing" is effective for diet and easy way to try at home, but please read the following notices in order to do it in safe and effectively!

Important notices to "High temperature and repeating bathing"

Rehydration after bath

●Please keep the water in proper temperature.
(42 degrees celsius is recommended, but if you feel it too hot, please adjust the temperature down to the point that you feel hot but comfortable enough.)
●Don't force yourself too much, and avoid getting dizzy.
●Please take enough water after the bath.
●Please do it only once a day.

Besides, "high temperature and repeating bathing" leads repeating big differences of temperature which may take a toll on your body. Therefore, those who suffer from the following problems:

●weak heart
●heavy tiredness of the body

should refrain from trying the bathing method.
If you can't try "high temperature and repeating bathing", "middle temperature and repeating bathing" is recommended which cools down the water to 38 degrees celsius! Please check it out.


Now we are entering to the middle of Summer, a season of light and short clothes. Some people would be nervous of the body line...

So do I. Me, Yumon. I like eating and am becoming more round shape let alone around my belly! Tears.
But I will try "high temperature and repeating bathing" at home from now one! Let's get good looking body!

In the next "Summer diet special feature" I will introduce a method of diet in "super public bath"! So stay tuned.

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